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VIN Inspection

Learn more about Wyoming vehicle identification number inspection requirements before you can register a vehicle in Wyoming.

Sheriff, Rick Zerbe


Vehicles containing titles from outside the State of Wyoming require a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) prior to registering the vehicle with a county clerk. The VIN must be verified by any law enforcement officer before registering it. The Sheriff's Office can perform the VIN inspection at our office 24 hours a day or for vehicles that are not able to be operated legally on a street or highway, we can do the inspection where the vehicle is located.

Call (307) 334-2240 to schedule a VIN Inspection.

The Niobrara County Clerk's Office is open from 8:00 a.m to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday and will assess a $10.00 inspection fee for each VIN.


Salvage vehicle means any motor vehicle which has been wrecked, destroyed or damaged to the extent that it is declared a total loss by the insurance company or; in the event, an insurance company is not involved in the settlement of the claim, sustains damage in an amount exceeding 75% of its actual retail cash value.

The owner or insurance company shall apply to the County Clerk's office for a certificate of title branded "Salvage."

This requirement does not apply to vehicles titled in Wyoming with more than 8 years of service or commercial vehicles.

Motor Vehicles that come into Wyoming with an out of state salvage title, must obtain a Wyoming salvage title and apply to the Wyoming Department of Transportation for a Rebuilt Salvage Decal prior to registering the vehicle.

When selling a vehicle with a title that contains a brand, the seller is required to disclose the brand to the buyer on a Branded Title Disclosure Statement.


State assigned vehicle identification numbers are issued to homemade or rebuilt vehicles, which do not have a vehicle identification number and to vehicles which have more than one vehicle identification number.

An owner of a vehicle who replaces any part of the vehicle on which the vehicle identification number appears or who incorporates a part containing the vehicle identification number into another vehicle shall apply to the Department of Transportation for a special vehicle identification number.

A Wyoming VIN can only be issued to Wyoming residents.

A VIN will not be issued to trailers with an unladen weight of fewer than 1000 lbs. unless it is a camper trailer.

The Department shall determine that the applicant for the number is the lawful owner of the vehicle. The vehicle may require a vehicle identification number inspection to accompany the application. A Wyoming Law Enforcement Officer must perform the inspection.

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