Niobrara County Sheriff's Office.


Welcome to Niobrara County, Wyoming.


Employment opportunities with the Niobrara County, Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff, Rick Zerbe


We have open positions!!!

Get an application here or stop by the office.

The Niobrara County Sheriff's Office is a small agency. We are the largest County employer with sixteen full-time persons. We also have part-time positions and school college internship. We are a twenty-four, seven, year-round operation.

Employment with the Niobrara County Sheriff's Office involves many aspects. We have street patrol deputies, jail detention deputies, 911 Public Safety Answering Point, PSAP dispatchers and records management.

Starting Wages:

Patrol Deputy Sheriff: $17.50 per hour.
Detention Deputy Sheriff: $17.50 per hour.
911 PSAP Dispatcher and records: $13.27 per hour.


Medical Insurance: No Medical Insurance offered.
Supplemental Insurance: Dental, Vision plus more through Aflac. Learn more here.
Paid Vacation: 40 hours each year.
Paid Holiday: 12 paid holidays off each year.
Paid Sick Time: Earn 8 hours of paid sick-time each month.
Retirement 457(b) Wyoming Deferred Compensation. Learn more here.

*Niobrara County, Wyoming offers a government employee 457(b) Retirement Package to all full-time employees. There is no twenty-year law enforcement retirement plan with us. If you are transferring from a Law Enforcement Agency who uses the Wyoming Law Enforcement Retirement plan, those funds cannot shift into our retirement plan. 
**Paid vacation, holiday and sick-time is only offered to "full-time" employees.


Niobrara County is an equal opportunity employer.

911 PSAP Dispatcher and Records is a civilian position.

Patrol and Detention Deputy Sheriff is a sworn position.

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