Niobrara County Sheriff's Office.


Welcome to Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Emergency Alerting System Sirens, EAS

Sheriff, Rick Zerbe

Niobrara County Emergency Management, James Santistevan

The towns of Lusk and Manville, Wyoming.

Each day at noon, the EAS sirens sound in the towns of Lusk and Manville, Wyoming. This test is done to ensure that the EAS sirens are working. If you did not hear the noon test, please let us know.

A sample of Lusk Noon Test. Play     Stop
A sample of Manville Noon Test. Play     Stop

General Alerting Sirens

A fire in Niobrara County, the EAS Fire Siren sound in the towns of Manville and Lusk, Wyoming. The hours 8 am - 8 pm.

The siren activation notifies the public that a fire has started. Volunteer firefighters will be traveling to the fire station in personal vehicles. Soon fire equipment will appear on public streets. When the EAS Fire Siren sounds, please yield to private vehicles with flashing hazards, they are going to the fire station.

No one should violate any traffic law while responding to the fire hall.

Keep intersections clear, do not stop inside any intersection when the sirens sound.

Should Fire Department Leadership need any additional firefighters, they may order that the fire siren sound at any time of day.

Sample the different EAS Fire Siren Tones.

A sample of the Lusk town fire siren. Play     Stop
A sample of the Lusk County fire siren. Play     Stop
A sample of the Manville fire siren. Play     Stop

In the town of Lusk, there are two types of Fire Siren Tones. One is for a reported fire in Lusk. The other is for a reported fire in the county.

The town of Manville has one siren tone for fire. The Manville fire siren warns citizens of a reported fire in the town of Manville, Wyoming.

Only call dispatch and 911 to report an emergency when the siren sounds. Stay clear of any fire areas. The 911 PSAP becomes a busy place after taking a report of a fire.

To assist the public in understanding what the EAS siren sounds mean the dispatcher can push out an Onsolve CodeRED message to the subscribers.

Weather Alert EAS Siren Lusk.

Severe weather reported within five miles of the town of Lusk and Manville, Wyoming when a storm is tracking toward Lusk or Manville, Wyoming with reported hail one inch or larger winds 58 mph or higher.

Action stay inside, away from windows. Bring pets indoors.

A sample of Lusk Severe Weather EAS Siren Tone. Play     Stop
A sample of Lusk Tornado EAS Siren Tone. Play     Stop
A sample of Manville Severe Weather EAS Siren Manville does not have a siren for this warning.
A sample of Manville Tornado EAS Siren Tone. Play     Stop

When the Tornado EAS Siren sound, you must quickly take action. Move to the lowest level of your home, preferably to a basement.

Should you not have a basement get to an interior room such as a closet or bathroom. Ensure that the area is away from exterior walls, preferably with many barriers between you and the outside of your home. Flying debris can crash through walls. Get low and brace yourself. Remain in shelter until the storm has passed or you hear the all-clear siren.  Never shelter in a trailer or automobile.

A sample of the All-Clear EAS Siren

The All-clear EAS Siren will sound when the threat has passed the warned area, other areas of the county may still need to shelter.

A sample of Lusk All-Clear EAS Siren Tone. Play     Stop
A sample of Manville All-Clear EAS Siren Tone. Play     Stop

National Attack Warning Sirens EAS Siren

Outside of testing, the Attack Siren is sounded, upon notification from the Federal Goverment that the whole United State of America is under attack. Tune to public radio or television for more information. Take deep harden shelter.

A sample of Lusk Attack Warning EAS Siren Tone. Play     Stop
A sample of Manville Attack Warning EAS Siren Tone. Play     Stop

Civil Emergency Siren

The Civil Emergency Siren will sound along with a CodeRED push notification to Niobrara County Onsolve CodeRED subscribers in the Siren area.

A sample of Lusk Civil Emergency Siren. Play     Stop

A sample of the Onsolve CodRED message for a Civil Emergency Siren.

"Wyoming Department of Corrections has reported to the Sheriff's Office, and Lusk Police that the Prison is in an emergency situation. All citizen are encouraged to lock their cars and homes. Report any suspicious person, vehicles or activity by calling 911 immediately! Additional information will follow from Officials."

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