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What all convicted sex offenders in Wyoming should know.

All convicted sex offenders who are in the State of Wyoming are required to report in person to the local county Sheriff's Office, to update and ensure that they are compliant with Wyoming Sex Offender Laws.

"Here is a list of all Sheriff's Offices in the State of Wyoming."

State of Wyoming, Title 7 Chapter 19 Article 3 Sex Offender Registration

§ 7-19-301 Definitions.
§ 7-19-302 Registration of offenders; procedure; verification.
§ 7-19-303 Offenders central registry; dissemination of information.
§ 7-19-304 Termination of duty to register.
§ 7-19-305 Registration; duties of registering entities; notice to persons required to register.
§ 7-19-306 [Repealed]
§ 7-19-307 Penalties.
§ 7-19-308 Harboring a sex offender; penalties; exceptions.
§ 7-19-309 Juvenile sex offenders; risk assessment; factors; reporting requirements.

Other Criminal Laws that are not part of the Sex Offender Registration, but that a convicted sex offender should know about.

State of Wyoming, Title 6 Chapter 2 Article 3 Sexual Assault

§ 6-2-320 Prohibited access to school facilities by adult sex offenders; exceptions; penalties; definitions.

The process to remain compliant with the Sex Offender Registry in the State of Wyoming.

Upon arriving in Wyoming, you have three business days to report to a Sheriff's Office.

In Niobrara County Wyoming, our Sex Offender Registry Deputy is in, or near, the Office on, Wednesday from 10 am to 8 pm, or call (307) 334-2240 to make an appointment.

If this is your first time to the State of Wyoming, you will need to bring your conviction and sentencing paperwork with you. Initial enrollment into the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry could take up to three hours and may feel like an arrest booking process. The good news, you get to leave; unless you have a warrant for your arrest. Do not worry, we will take care of that…

If you do not have an address or are homeless, you must report weekly on each Wednesday and give information on places that you have been staying while in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Once you have enrolled with the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry and after classification of your reporting requirements. The Sheriff Office 9-1-1, Public Safety Answering Point, PSAP will immediately send a General CodeRED alert to the public subscribers, informing them of who you are, and that you are living or working within seven hundred and fifty feet from their address.

Schools, Churches and Youth Groups will also be informed. Your information will also be listed on a free public website that can be accessed by anyone.

At the initial registration:

Bring your criminal sentencing paperwork with you.
Bring all vehicle registrations with you. Car, truck, boats, ATV’s, snow-mobiles, and aircrafts that you have access to or operate. This includes vehicles that you may use while you are at work.
Bring identification with you, Driver License, Passport, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate.

You will need to complete registration forms that requires you to report all the following:

Names, including any aliases ever used;
Date and place of birth;
Social Security Number;
Places of employment;
Professional licenses or certificates that you use for employment.
Date and place of conviction;
Crime for which convicted;
Report if you are now being treated for any mental illness or suffering from depression.
The age of you and the ages of victims, at the time of the offense for the conviction.
Name and location of each educational institution in which you are employed or attending school;
The license plate numbers and description of any vehicle that you own or operate;
List all your internet identifiers, email address, social media, online game player names etc.
Any phone number at which you can be reached or use on a frequent basis.

To aid in identification.

You will need to disclose all tattoos on your body. Digital Images of these will be made.
You will need to disclose all scars and birth marks. Digital Images of these will be made.
Facial digital images will be made of your front and side views.
You will be fingerprinted.
You will be palm-printed.
A DNA sample will be collected from your mouth.
A voice and speech pattern sample could be collected.
Digital images will be made of the outside of your vehicles, campers and homes will also be digitally imaged.

If you are currently in the State of Wyoming Sex Offender Registry, the process may be fast, with only a need to update the required information to remain compliant with the law in Wyoming.

Beyond that, you are only required to report in person within three business days to the Sheriff’s Office, if you change address, jobs, or vehicles or get a call that you are required to report. If you are homeless without an address, you must report weekly. In Niobrara County, this is done on Wednesday.

If you are planning to leave the United States; you must report your travel plans, twenty-one days in advance of your leaving the USA. This information will be reported to the US Marshal Service, to ensure that you can legaly leave the USA. If you move from the State of Wyoming, you must report your movement in person, to the Sheriff Office before leaving Wyoming.

You are also required to report and check in with Sex Offender Registry authorities for the state that you are moving. Failure to do so will make you subject to an arrest.

We understand that you are providing us with a lot of sensitive and private information. Most of this information will not be known to the public. The additional information is classified as law enforcement sensitive, and can be used in criminal investigations, and most importantly it can eliminate you from a current sex assault, criminal investigation.

Your best course of action is make it a habit to meet and update with your local Wyoming Sheriff’s Office for the Convicted Sex Offender Registry.

Thank you for your time.

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