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CASE # S-2016-2019

State of Wyoming Highway sign, STOLEN


The Wyoming Department of Transportation, has reported the theft of Wyoming State Highway signs.

The sign was last seen at the Wyoming, Nebraska State-line, near Van Tassell Wyoming.  US Highway 20.

The sign reads, “Welcome to Wyoming, Forever West”, it is a 4 by 8-foot sign. The Tetons in the background and a Wyoming bucking horse are depicted. (SEE BELOW IMAGE)

A few year prior, a sign of this same type was also stolen from the Wyoming, South Dakota State-line, US Highway 18.

Both signs were inside Niobrara County, Wyoming when they were removed without permission.

If anyone has information regarding this, contact the Niobrara County Sheriff's Office.

24/7 Phone number, (307) 334-2240.

Welcome to Wyoming Forever West

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