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July 4, 2017 is soon upon on this summer. Remember that Buzzed driving is drunk driving! Report all suspected impaired drivers by calling 9-1-1 immediately

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 The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Time until start of partial eclipse.
10:24:57 am
Time until start of total eclipse.
Maximum Totality
Will be at 11:47 am and last for 1 minute and 52 seconds in Lusk, Wyoming.
Time until end of total eclipse.
Time until end of partial eclipse.
1:13:03 PM


The Great American Solar Eclipse of Monday, August 21, 2017

The Eastern skies of Wyoming, are expected to be dry and clear; for this once in a life time event as the day turns to night for one minutes and fifty-two seconds in Lusk.  We will be at our darkest point around 11:47 am mountain time.

Communities in the Southern parts of Niobrara County, Wyoming are gearing up to welcome visitors from around the world.

The Niobrara County Chamber of Commerce is planning some special events at the Niobrara County, Wyoming Fairgrounds.  These events will start over the weekend and into Monday.  Local businesses are excited to have new customers to their shops.

The Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office, will be on hand at the Niobrara County Fairgrounds, and out on patrol of county roads and Highways.   We are expecting a few thousand visitors to our area for this event.

Visitors are to be mindful of private property land, only enter private land if you are invited.

Do not stop or park your car on county roads or along highways.   We are concerned about wildland grass fire starting.  Be careful with open flame and cigarettes, do not park your car in grass areas.  Your engine exhaust system could start a grass fire.

Above all have fun! Thank you for visiting Niobrara County, Wyoming for this once in a life time event.

August 21, 2017

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