Emergency Dial 9-1-1


416 South Elm Street

Lusk, Wyoming 82225

Public Service Announcements
Buzzed driving is drunk driving! Report all suspected impaired drivers by calling 9-1-1 immediately! Have a happy and safe holiday season.

NCSO Contact Employment Application

Niobrara County Sheriff's Office
416 South Elm, Street
PO Box 1085
Lusk, Wyoming 82225

Phone: (307) 334-2240
Admin Fax: (307) 334-2162
Dispatch Communications Fax: (307) 334-3453

e-report@niobraracountysheriff.org - Use this email to send an email to all sworn Deputy Sheriff's within our office. (Call 9.1.1 if a crime is occurring now!)

Emergency Services  and Other Law Enforcement can interface with our office by,

Law enforcement teletype via NLETS.

Or, a Wyolink radio - Our Communications Center call-sign is Lusk SO,  we monitor and can talk on Wyolink talk-groups that are interoperable such as, 14CAT1, MAT2 as well as surrounding area talk-groups of 21CAT1, 13CAT1, 8CAT1, 7CAT1, MAT7 and MAT1.  Wyolink is a statewide radio communications system for emergency services and public works.

Most emergency services and all Deputy Sheriffs have the ability to switch their radios to these talk-groups in their patrol vehicles. We also have national radio interoperability via VTAC conventional analog radio channels for close in radio communications.


We have made a few forms available for the public to download and use.   Before the Sheriff's Office can act on any complaint a form must be submitted.  Call if a crime is currently occuring.

Θ  Vehicle Bill of Sale.
Θ  Landowner / Hunter coupon report.

Θ  Witness Statement.
Θ  REDDI Report Form.  - Call 911 to report drunk drivers.  Form for written complaints.

Sex Offenders are required to regulary report the Sheriff's Office to ensure that their Sex Offender registry information is current and correct.   All registered Sex Offenders must complete a Registry and Update form at each in-person visit, (IPV).   A mug shot must be take and photographs of tattoos.  To assist Sex Offenders an ensure that all the paperwork is completed, we have placed the forms here to download.  They must be complete and brought into the office.  Also bring in copies of all vehilce registration that you have access to or drive for personal, business and work.

Θ  Notice to Sex Offenders.   - Read, sign and bring to the office.
Θ  Registry and Update, form.   - Complete, sign and bring to the office.




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